Wednesday 26 February 2014

Bride for a Champion - Now on Amazon & More. Plus free First Chapter

I Command you to marry the bearer of this letter.

Lady Alice Martinswood has no choice but to obey her dead father’s final instruction. His choice is his champion, the mercenary Simon Paton. To Alice, the handsome, arrogant Simon is a dangerous, seductive stranger.

Bewitched in turn by Alice, Simon is appalled when he discovers that Alice’s father disowned Henrietta, her younger sister, when Henrietta fell in love and eloped. Simon promises Alice that he will help her find her sister.

Still having nightmares after witnessing the sack of Constantinople, Simon misunderstands Alice’s tears of joy on their wedding night. Swearing not to hurt her again, he decides he must not touch her—a promise he finds impossible to keep, especially when Alice vows to beguile him…

Meanwhile Simon and Alice trace Henrietta to medieval London, wandering together through the perilous, exciting streets. Will they find Henrietta? Will they find true love with each other?

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Lindsay Townsend


Rose Anderson said...

Sounds like another fascinating book, Lindsay. Best luck with it. :)

Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks, Rose!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful cover, Lindsay, and the plot line sounds fascinating. Wishing you much success with your new title!