Tuesday 30 April 2019

Free First Novel in BDSM Series Set in London

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Tuesday 23 April 2019

Available for pre-order!

Available for pre-order!

Millie - the first book in a new 4 book series!

Will the events of the past destroy everything she wished for?

#historical #1920s

A brand new series from the author of the Kitty McKenzie series and The Slum Angel. 

The Great War is over, and Millie is ready to leave her loving family home and be a wife to Jeremy who is everything she had hoped for. 


Not long after their wedding, Millie discovers Jeremy is affected by shell shock and moving into his late father’s cold dark estate escalates the problem. Millie tries to help, but Jeremy grows more distant and befriends a homeless, wounded ex-soldier, Monty, who has secrets... 

As Millie’s distrust of Monty grows, a rift is created between her and Jeremy and when he leaves to receive hospital treatment, she is left feeling abandoned. When her family is dealt a terrible loss, it is Millie who must be the strongest. However, just when she feels things couldn’t become worse, she suffers her own heartbreaking tragedy. 
Grieving and alone, Millie wonders if her marriage can ever be mended, but she can’t give up without a fight. 

Will a new home for her and Jeremy in a foreign country be the answer, or will the events of the past destroy everything she wished for? 

Monday 15 April 2019

Votes Needed... pretty please.

If you have a moment, I would sure appreciate your vote! Magic of the Loch has been nominated for the 2019 RONE Awards for best Audiobooks: Paranormal/Mystery

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Week 1: April 15 to April 21st
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