Friday 26 October 2012

Enchantment at Halloween

Halloween, All Saint's Eve, October... a time of endings and beginnings, a time of enchantment. The authors of the British Romance Fiction blog have come together to celebrate this moment with their own stories of magic - magic of the paranormal and the everyday.

Take a look - some titles are FREE!

 Hywela Lyn. 'Dancing With Fate': Enter a world of enchantment and magic when a Greek muse meets a man with a destiny, and two legends become entwined for all eternity.

Barbara Elsborg shares her Trueblood series - a family of pure blood vampires link the five standalone stories.

 The Consolation Prize Chloe wins four days at a spa but arrives to find the other guests who have unusual eating habits don't come out in daylight, and who is that naked guy chained in the basement?
 Falling For You Every month when the moon is full, Jo has an uncontrollable urge to jump every man she sees but she runs from tempation only to find herself as dinner when she falls into a hole and lands on a vampire.

 Lightning in a Bottle Erin's fun, exciting and a bright flash of light in Felix's life, but there's a snag, she won't stop biting his neck.

 The Misfits Holly is a hopeless faerie whose uncooperative wings land her in the arms of a vampire and a werewolf but instead of running away, she doesn't want to leave.

  Fight To Remember A vampire trapped in a rocky grave, a girl who for the past eleven years can't remember who she is when she wakes and a werepuma bound to a demon and forced to fight in her deadly club - the world of three collides but for three to live, one of them must die.

 Linda Banche 'Pumpkinnapper' - Pumpkin thieves, a youthful love rekindled, and a jealous goose. Oh my! Theme: Enchantment of a second chance at love, or Autumn, or Magic Holiday Romance.

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Lee Rowan:

All Souls, a story in the Royal Navy anthology Sail Away.

On the night when the veil between this world and the next is thin, a malevolent enemy returns to destroy Will Marshall, the man who vanquished him years before. Only David Archer can see or fight him, but what weapon is any use against a ghost?

Laurey Buckland: A Girl's Guide to Fairy Tales

Four friends unwittingly chase the happily ever afters they believe are confined to the world of fairy tale fiction - but will they every start living the once upon a times they hoped for?

Jane Lovering  Vampire State of Mind, Vampires - they're real, they're really here, and they're really really keen on filing.

 Jenny Twist. Bedtime Shadows:  A Victorian Dolls' House When Violet sees the dolls' house in the antique shop she has to have it. But the Delacorte House is no ordinary dolls' house. Is it enchanted?

This anthology contains two ghost stories, one were-cougar and one vampire. Something for everybody!
 Away With the Fairies. (Magic) When Lucy walks through the wall only her sister knows she's gone to Fairyland
 Spellbound 2011 (Halloween) Uncle Vernon There’s something very peculiar about Uncle Vernon. Nobody knows what he does in the cellar at Halloween. But he’s quite harmless, really. Isn’t he?
 Take One At Bedtime (Paranormal) A girl who can kill just by thinking of it, a vampire, an old lady who wreaks dreadful vengeance, and a variety of ghosts. What's not to like?
 Warm Christmas Wishes (Magic) Jamey and the Alien Jamey only wants one thing for Christmas.He wants his Daddy to come home. But first he has to kill the alien. Will Santa Claus use his magic to help?
 Winter Wonders. (Paranormal) Mantequero Ignacio is the perfect holiday romance. Not only is he handsome and sexy but he makes you lose weight. A lot of weight!
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 Charlie Cochrane: The Shade on a Fine Day  Eight for dinner at the Canon's table means the potential arrival of a ghost.
 Music in the Midst of Desolation Tag line: Old soldiers never die – they get whisked straight back to earth to take part in angelic “manoeuvres”, but why does their mission have to involve the men they left behind?

Lindsay Townsend: The Snow Bride. She is Beauty but is he the Beast? Medieval romance, enchantment and magic in a winter, snowy landscape.

A Christmas Sleeping Beauty. Can the prince wake beauty in time for Christmas or will she sleep forever?

A Knight's Enchantment. A beautiful alchemist and a valiant knight join forces to free their loved ones - and find an explosive passion...

Lucy Felthouse: Weekend at Wilderhope Manor: Is a lesbian paranormal erotic story, set at Halloween.

This book is FREE on Amazon from the 27th – 31st October.
The Cottage in the Woods: Is a paranormal lesbian shapeshifter story. 
Susie White and the Right Hand Man: Is a paranormal/fairy tale love story. 
Love Through Time: Is an erotic paranormal romance containing ghosts. 
Bite with Height: Is a lesbian vampire erotic romance, set in Paris. 

Rosemary Gemmell.

'In the midst of danger and intrigue, Lydia Hetherington begins to fall in love with enigmatic Lord Marcus Sheldon during an enchanted evening at Vauxhall Gardens in 1813.’
Champagne Books: 

Miriam Newman. 'Deidre, an ancient tale of Ireland.'

FREE paranormal short story. A classic Irish tale of love, magic, betrayal and revenge.

Elizabeth Lamb: Tall, Dark and Kilted (Contemporary Romance, Forthcoming October 29th)

KB Walker. 'Once Removed'.  A silent cry for help...  

Copies of “Once Removed” are available in paperback or e-formats.

You can also follow Kimm’s work at

My paranormal romance series includes all manner of paranormal beings, from vampires, witches, demons, werecougars, werefoxes, and the first book takes place in the fall, complete with a Hallow's party on Halloween.

Shadow Man  (forthcoming)

My paranormal action adventure series revolving around the weresnake Lash in the 1920s and 1930s also includes vampires, witches, demons, and many werecreatures.

Short stories involving horror, fear, and paranormal entities, like the murderously protective grandparents in my short work, Granma's House.

Tales of vampires running the gamut, such as my romantic Night Music about vampire human love and Partners, about the bond of friendship between a vampire and a werecougar.

Short stories of supernatural, paranormal justice, such as the title story, The Hunt, Night Cry, and others.

Madeline discovers the true secret of the old mansion called The Chalet; a seductive spirit whose undying love has waited decades to claim her for its own.

Short YA stories involving animals, such as Heart's Solace, the love story of a tortured werecougar, and a Russian girl's fight to save him from his enemies.

Tales of zombies of scifi and paranormal creation, both funny and bloodcurdling.

Jane Richardson. Edinburgh FogGreg was crazy ever to let Julia go. Will she give him another chance or leave again—this time forever?

Kelley Heckart

Cat's Curse, Beltaine's Song and Winter's Requiem all belong to the Dark Goddess Trilogy and share the same tagline: A Greek vampire, Celtic kings, vengeful goddesses, an ancient faery curse…

Of Water and Dragons                                                       

Of Water and Dragons weaves together the Roman history, Celtic lore and magic of ancient Britain to create an unforgettable story of love and sacrifice.

Blending Celtic lore, history and magic, Ravenwolf takes the reader on a journey to an ancient land filled with spiteful goddesses who threaten to tear Ambiorix and Nemu apart.

White Rose of Avalon                                 

Morgaine, Queen of the Faeries, will do anything to save Avalon, but is she willing to sacrifice Lancelot, the only man capable of filling her heart with love?
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Happy Halloween! Happy Reading!

Thursday 25 October 2012

False Pretences by Rosemary Morris - Chapter One

False Pretences


Rosemary Morris

Chapter One


“I have good news for you, Annabelle,” said Miss Chalfont, the well-educated head mistress and owner of The Beeches, an exclusive school for young ladies.
Seated on a straight-backed chair opposite Miss Chalfont’s walnut desk, Annabelle clasped her hands tightly on her lap. “Has my guardian told you who my parents are?” she asked in a voice quivering with excitement.
Regret flickered across Miss Chalfont’s face before she shook her head. “No, I am very sorry, he has not. For your sake I wish he had. In fact, I do not know who he is. I receive instructions from a lawyer in Dover. To be honest, for no particular reason, I have always assumed your guardian’s identity is that of a man, but it could be that of a woman.”
Dover! Annabelle thought. The town where she had lived with her nurse before a nameless elegant lady, with a French accent, brought her to The Beeches. Time and time again she had wondered if the lady was her guardian or whether she was a stranger ordered to bring her here. She had no way of knowing, for the lady had not answered any of her questions. Annabelle looked into Miss Chalfont’s eyes. “Who is the lawyer, ma’am?”
“I do not know for he does not identify himself. He merely arranges for your…er…upkeep, and sends me your guardian’s instructions.” No clue to the mystery of my own identity, Annabelle thought and gazed down to conceal
her disappointment. “Has the lawyer given you permission to tell me who my guardian is?” she asked, despite her suspicion that he had not. Miss Chalfont looked down at a letter. “No, your guardian, whom I have no doubt has your welfare at heart, still wishes to remain anonymous. But, my dear child, you are fortunate. Your guardian has arranged for you to marry Monsieur le Baron de Beauchamp.”
Annabelle looked up with a mixture of astonishment, disbelief, and intense indignation at the arrangement that took no heed of her wishes. “I am to marry a man I have never met?”
With restless fingers, Miss Chalfont adjusted her frilled mobcap. “Yes, your guardian has arranged for you to marry Monsieur le Baron tomorrow.”
Annabelle stared at her kind teacher as though she had turned into a monster. “Mon dieu!” she raged, reverting to the French she spoke when she was a small child. “My God! Tomorrow? My guardian expects me to marry a Frenchman tomorrow? Miss Chalfont, surely you do not approve of such haste.”
“Do not take the Lord’s name in vain.” Miss Chalfont tapped her fingers on her desk. “My approval or disapproval is of no consequence. Your guardian wishes you to marry immediately so there is little more to be said. A special licence has been procured and the vicar has been informed.” Miss Chalfont smiled at her. “You have nothing to fear. This letter informs me that Monsieur speaks English and lives in this country.”
Annabelle scowled. Her hands trembled. For the first time, she defied her head mistress. “Nothing to fear? My life is to be put in the hands of a husband with the right to…beat me…or… starve me, and you say I have nothing to fear, Miss Chalfont? Please believe me when I say that nothing will persuade me to marry in such haste.”
Not the least display of emotion crossed the head teacher’s face. “You should not allow your imagination to agitate your sensibilities. For all you know, the monsieur is charming and will be a good, kind husband.”
“On the other hand, he might be a monster,” Annabelle said.
Miss Chalfont ignored the interruption and continued. “At eighteen, you are the oldest girl in the school. It is time for you to leave the nest and establish one of your own.”
“Twaddle,” Annabelle muttered. “My education is almost complete and I suspect you wish to be rid of me.”
Miss Chalfont smoothed the skirt of her steel-grey woollen gown and looked at Annabelle with a cold expression in her eyes. “I beg your pardon? Did I hear you say twaddle? As for wishing to be rid of you child, that is not true. However, I will admit that in recent months I have worried about your guardian’s future plans for you. But I need not have worried. As a happy bride, I daresay you will go to London where those pretty blue eyes and long lashes of yours will be so much admired that Monsieur le Baron will be proud of you.”
At any other time Miss Chalfont’s rare compliment would have pleased her. On this occasion it only served to increase the fury she tried to conceal. Losing her temper would be pointless. Before Annabelle spoke, she took a deep breath to calm herself. “It is unreasonable to order me to marry the man without allowing me time to become acquainted with him.”
“Do not refer to your bridegroom as the man. I have told you his name is de Beauchamp.”
Rebellion flamed in Annabelle’s stomach. “What do you know of my…er...bridegroom-tobe, ma’am?”
Miss Chalfont looked down at the letter. “He is described as a handsome gentleman of mature years.”
“One would think the description is of a piece of mature cheese or a bottle of vintage wine.”
Miss Chalfont frowned. “Do not be impertinent, Annabelle, you are not too old to be punished.”
“I beg your pardon, ma’am, but please tell me how mature he is,” Annabelle said, her eyes wide open and her entire body taut with apprehension.
“Monsieur le Baron is some forty-years-old.”
“How mature?” Annabelle persisted with her usual bluntness.
“He is forty-two-years-old.”
Annabelle stood, bent forward, and drummed her fingers on the edge of the desk. “Please be kind enough to inform my guardian that I will not play Guinevere to an aging Arthur. I would prefer to build my nest with a young Lancelot.”
Miss Chalfont’s shoulders heaved as though she was trying not to laugh. “Regardless of your preference, you must marry according to your guardian’s wish.”
“Dear ma’am, you and your mother have always been kind to me. I cannot believe you approve of—”
“As I have already said, my approval or disapproval is of no importance. Your duty is to obey.” Annabelle’s anger boiled and she felt somewhat sick in the stomach. Now that she was old enough to leave the seminary, it seemed that unless she refused to co-operate, she really would be disposed of without the slightest consideration for her personal wishes. Simultaneously afraid to obey her guardian and furious because not even Miss Chalfont seemed to care about her dilemma, Annabelle straightened up. She looked around the cosy parlour, with its thick oriental rugs, pretty figurines on the mantelpiece, and a number of gilt-framed pictures on the wall, one of which she had painted. “I will consider the marriage.” Annabelle looked down again, in case rebellion revealed itself on her face. But she had not lied. She would consider the marriage proposal, but not in the manner Miss Chalfont expected, for she would find a way to reject the elderly baron.
Miss Chalfont stood, walked round her desk, and patted Annabelle’s shoulder before resting her hand on it. “My dear child, there is little for you to consider. I dread to think of the consequences if you disobey your guardian. You could be cast penniless from here with only the clothes on your back. After all, your guardian does have complete power over you.”
Annabelle wanted to jerk away from her uncaring teacher’s hand but forced herself to remain passive. She did not want the woman to suspect the nature of her rebellious thoughts and have her closely watched. Inwardly, she seethed and decided that whatever the cost, she would escape the fate in store for her. An image of her former nurse, with whom she corresponded, flashed through her mind. With it came a sense of security and purpose

Monday 22 October 2012

Back Cover of False Pretences by Rosemary Morris

England 1815

Five-year-old Annabelle arrived at boarding school fluent in French and English. Separated from her nurse, a dismal shadow blights Annabelle’s life because she does not know who her parents are.

High-spirited Annabelle is financially dependent on her unknown guardian. She
refuses to marry a French baron more than twice her age.

Her life in danger, Annabelle is saved by a gentleman, who says he will help her to discover her identity. Yet, from then on nothing is as it seems, and she is forced to run away for the second time to protect her rescuer.

Even more determined to discover her parents’ identity, in spite of many false pretences, Annabelle must learn who to trust. Her attempts to unravel the mystery of her birth, lead to further danger, despair, unbearable heartache and even more false pretences until the only person who has ever wanted to cherish her, reveals the startling truth, and all’s well that ends well.

Friday 19 October 2012

False Pretences by Rosemary Morris

I am delighted to announce the publication of my new novel a romance/mystery,False Pretences set in England in 1815 on the 27th October.

Annabelle runs away from school into the arms of a charismatic gentleman…but can she trust him to help her to find out who her parents are?

There is a 20% pre-order discount from:

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'Once Removed': Guest Post by K.B. Walker

Today we welcome K.B. Walker on the British Romance Fiction blog and her women's relationship fiction novel, 'Once Removed.'

Here's the blurb: 

A silent cry for help…

Suspecting self-harm, newly qualified teacher, Abriella Garside, risks everything for a troubled pupil. An incident with a craft knife and unexplained injuries are not enough to secure help for the girl.
Unsure whether Beth is being bulied or has problems at home, Abby tries to win her trust and the two begin a friendship. But has the teacher gone too far?
In the midst of Abby’s own complicated life, Beth diappears. Rumour and suspicion ignite, fanned into an inferno with Abby at its heart.
Two lives hang in the balance.

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Copies of“Once Removed” are available in paperback or e-formats from:

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Intent, she watched the thin blade press a shadowed hollow in her skin. With fractionally more force, the delicate tissue split. Red buds blossomed along the razor’s trail. She repeated the macabre ritual three more times. The breath gripped in the prison of her ribs sighed loose, as her wickedness dripped in the open where she could ‘treat’ it. Only then could she see, with sickening clarity, what she’d done to herself. Her breath caught once more at the thought of what she might need to do the next time.
The shriek scraped down my spine. Hugging my black cardigan more tightly around myself, I stopped. The noisy teenagers flowing in the direction of the school cafeteria barely paused.
Scanning the crowd, I fervently wished for someone more senior. But only chattering children, shuffling and laughing, pushed past. A deep sigh deflated me. Clearly, I still had plenty to learn about vanishing during break times. Tempted to pretend I hadn’t heard, the memory shivered along my back and forced me to respond.
Wading through the torrent into a shadowy side corridor in the direction of the scream, the small knot of gawpers melted away. Megan, a tall year seven girl, slumped against the grubby wall squeezing her hand in front of her like a gun. Blood dripped from two fingers pointed at the other girl. Freckles glared from Beth’s pale face cowering beneath bushy ginger hair. The low growl of obscenities pouring from Megan’s white lips stopped as soon as she saw me.
It didn’t make sense. Megan was a pretty girl, confident and always followed by a crowd of hangers-on. She was too polite in class, all angel-eyes standing in the midst of the trouble she’d stirred up. Beth, on the other hand, sat alone in the furthest corner. Watching the river of young people cascade through the corridors, this girl had seemed an island protected by a reef of sadness. Not your classic bully. A craft knife, glittered amongst the spilled contents of a discarded bag on the floor.
“Well?” I asked, pushing my dark rimmed glasses back up my nose and looking from one girl to the other. Brilliant, Abby, just brilliant, you are way out of your depth here. Trust you to land up in the middle of Marfield High School’s first ever knife crime!
“It was an accident, Miss.”Pulling herself upright, Megan flicked back her carefully styled hair. The shiny blonde layers settled over darker roots. “I picked up Beth’s bag by mistake. Isn’t that right, Beth?”
I was surprised Megan’s laser fierce glare hadn’t set Beth’s school uniform on fire. The child looked smaller than ever beside an in-charge Megan. The ginger head dipped in agreement.
“I was scrabbling around for my phone when I caught my fingers on that blade.” Megan pointed with her dripping finger.
“Beth,” my tone was as gentle as I could make it, “why did you have a knife in your bag? You must know it’s against school rules?”
The girl opened her mouth and furrowed her brow a few times before any words came. “Art class… didn’t realise… must have dropped it in my bag without thinking.”
Beth looked as though she’d been caught running naked down Marfield’s High Street and would disintegrate if any more fuss were made. But she was lying. Despite my inexperience as a teacher, I could tell. Scenarios flashed across my mind and none of them were pleasant. I didn’t know what to do. I thumbed my glasses back into place. My university lecturer’s voice sang in my memory. When in doubt, feign confident authority. I took a deep breath.
“Right, Beth, you go on your way to lunch. I’ll make sure this craft knife gets back to the art department.”I swooped down and plucked the blade from the rest of the debris. “Megan, you come with me and we’ll put something on those cuts. Perhaps you’ll be more careful whose bag you pick up in future.”
I stormed off, my heels rattling in the now empty corridor. Megan marched beside me, radiating fury.My mind spun and fizzed. Megan always had an answer for everything so why wasn’t she kicking off now? I peered at her through the corner of my eye and noticed she had a leather bag slung over her shoulder, quite different from Beth’s canvas one. The bag she claimed to have picked up by accident.
Slamming through the door into the office I stopped. Anger wouldn’t help. I took a deep breath and reached for the first aid kit.
“Show me your hand, please, Megan. Are you allergic to plasters?”
She narrowed her eyes and shook her head. Her jaws were clamped tight.
I cleaned the wounds and applied butterfly plasters, careful to follow school procedures to the letter.
“Please sign here.” I pointed to my brief entry in the accident book.
“Can I go now?” Megan glared at me.
Unable to think of a single sensible question, I nodded.

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Guest Blogger: Victoria Blisse

Stalking a Star

Stalking is a criminal offence and is of course highly distressing. I would never condone any such behaviour yet here are some lines from the beginning of my novel Fulfill Me.

I know, I know, I know. I’m obsessed, it’s not healthy. I know all that, but I still want him, and now I am working to get him. I’ve spent long enough dreaming and drooling from afar - now I’m working on getting his pants into my bed, with him inside them.

It’s really quite simple when you think about it, which I have, a lot. I’ve got technical computer knowledge that other thirty year olds gawp at. I know computers better than I know myself and I’m going to seduce my target using my favourite weapon - the Internet. 

This is my heroine, Caitlyn talking about Nick Casey, star of Dobson’s Digs, the biggest soap on TV. She stalks him online with her technical know-how and then orchestrates a meeting with him in real life.  It’s not acceptable behaviour and she knows it but she just can’t help herself.

Now of course, Fulfill Me is completely fictional but even so, I couldn’t bear to have Caitlyn get her man through these nefarious ways without having a little fun with her first. She soon finds out that crime never prospers. This is what happens the first time she attempts to meet Nick in the flesh.

For the moment I can’t hear the conversation from Nick’s table because Tony is talking excitedly to the tall fellow in front. It sounds like they’re both speaking Italian, no wonder Tony is bellowing. If I want to speak to Nick, ideally, I need to make my move now; if I play it right I might get an invite to their table. I’m good with mums – well, those other than my own, anyway.

I’ll walk over towards the ladies, which happily is across the other side of the terracotta walled restaurant, so I can wander past his table and then what? I think and take another bite of the tomato covered pasta. Oh, I know - I’ll stumble. I’m sure his chivalrous nature will make him leap to my aid. 

My plan of action decided, I try to stand, but find my way blocked by Tony, still gesticulating and talking wildly.

“Excuse me Tony.” I try to squeeze past him but I’m too afraid of being hit with a flailing elbow to really push forward.

“Tony!” I bark a bit louder, and he looks at me. “Excuse me.”

 He nods, and moves away from beside the seated beanpole who pushes his chair back. He knocks the leg into my ankle, and shakes me off balance. I fall unceremoniously to my knees. 

“Oh, I’m so very sorry,” a voice babbles above me, “I’m terribly sorry, here, let me help you.” A thin, soft hand grabs around the top of my arm and pulls. I sit back on my heels and fix the bumbling buffoon with all my frustrated anger. 

“I can stand up on my own, thank you.” I growl, noting the high red on his cheeks, the softness in his dark eyes. 

“I’m sorry,” he continues to grip the top of my arm, and I try to shake out of his grasp. He lets go and I totter to my feet.


As I rise, my head connects with a serving tray then a pool of thick, tomato based soup slips down my arm and over my dress. 

“Fuck!” I cry, stamping my foot in exasperation.

Does Caitlyn get her man in the end? Well find out by picking up your own copy of Fulfill Me from, Romance Ebooks and all good book retailers.

Do you like to see criminals punished for their crimes in the stories you read?

And on a serious note, if you need any more information on stalking or harassment check out  the Network for Surviving Stalking website for help and advice:

Victoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and award winning erotica author. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, Smut by the Sea and Smut in the City.
She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories.Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

Find out more at or follow and friend Victoria:
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