Wednesday 30 March 2016

London Menage - Erotic Romance from Lily Harlem

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It’s just another PA job, right? Okay, the CEO is hot, and his partner hotter, but that doesn’t mean Stella Wright has to fall for their erotic brand of seduction. Does it? 

Who is she kidding? Stella is only human, she has bills to pay and insecurities about how she looks the same as we all do. So when Andre Bramon asks her to work on more than just dictation she can’t resist. 

Tristan Wainwright is a different matter. Brooding and dark, he barely has time to ask her to do anything. Then when he does finally pause, noticing her, all that pent up energy reaches a boiling point. 

Before long Stella is swept up in a passionate love affair with not one man, but two. She never expected a threesome to be part of her job description, though now…well, perhaps it might prove to be the perfect solution to a whole host of her problems.

Available from Evernight PublishingAmazon/Amazon UK  and all other good ebook retailers.

Desk Job is the second book in my set of menage a trois novels set in London, if you missed the first check out Muscling In. Both fine as standalone reads.

Friday 25 March 2016

Dessert by Lily Harlem - OUT NOW

Set in London and the beautiful Malvern Hills, a sexy story for the man in your life!

Dessert - An erotic romance story told from the male point of view! Can be enjoyed by ladies, gents or read as a couple.


Nyotaimori was new for me, eating my dinner off a beautiful naked woman an experience I’d never been lucky enough to indulge in. So when a customer treated me to a meal at The Geisha Plate it was an effort to keep my cock under control and my focus on the food. Damn, it had been a while!

But control myself I did—until, that is, the spice levels cranked to boiling point and dessert turned out to be a mind-blowing, soul-twistingly delicious blowjob. I instantly craved more.

Plus I’m not a guy who likes debt. I had to return the favor by hook or by crook; it was an urge that threatened to consume me. Luckily my lovely Geisha girl turned out to be the sweetest woman I’d ever had the pleasure of pleasuring, and her healthy appetite for getting raw and naked with me for starters, main course and dessert turned out to be a wild ride for my every fantasy, and enough to keep me more than satisfied in every department.

Please note this book was previously published with a different cover.


Saturday 12 March 2016

Guilty Secrets is finally out! A love story set in the years just after Waterloo with a hero who can't get over the effects of the war. It also features a beautiful girl and her sister who need to be rescued from their thoroughly wicked father and stepmother with her vicious boyfriend. Adam, our hero, rescues the girls, but our story has just begun. He's a Tory and she's a Whig, and they must not only learn to tolerate each others politics, but to embrace the love in their hearts. Then there's a kidnapping, a fatal fall, and lots of action before are heroine is safe.

Here's an excerpt, the beginning of the book.

“Beside my desire to wed you, it is really the perfect solution for you. No one can touch you or force you in any way if you are the Marchioness of Beaufort. I had hoped to court you properly, but that also is unimportant now. I will get a special license and we can be wed tomorrow. Your father will not be able to figure out where you are in time to stop us.”
Corry’s face was a delight to see. Her expression changed from sheer incredulity, to a dawning of belief in his sincerity, to the realization that this would indeed offer her safety.
“Your sister of course will live with us, under my special protection. I’m sure I can get the Regent to appoint me her guardian. I think my name should be enough to withstand any attempts of your father to get her back. If not, we will all go traveling until she reaches her majority.”
Still Corry said not a word, although he could tell her mind was working furiously.
“You cannot love me,” she finally said flatly. 
 Adam smiled faintly, his mouth quivering. Trust her bright

mind to turn to the most important thing to some females."

You can find Guilty Secrets at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, MuseItUp, and all the usual places. And of course at my website,