Wednesday 21 December 2011

Don't you long for some summer heat?

This time of year is cold and dismal, which is one reason why we all long for the sharp frost and pristine whiteness of snow to be found in the mountain countries of Europe and America. Often we're scheduled to go skiing right after the festive fortnight - it's usually the cheapest time, for one thing, and for another, we're ready for the break before girding our loins for the next bit of hard slog through January and February, the two most miserable months of the year. This year, for some reason we now cannot recall, we've chosen to delay our snow break until the end of January and I feel we've nothing to look forward to for such a long time.

Which makes me feel quite nostalgic for France and the heat of summer holidays. The flower perfumes and the shimmery heat of the Dordogne in July and August are hard to beat. We'll go back this summer, but in the mean time, why not settle down with a copy of SHADOWS and let the warmth of summer wrap around you as you read about Melissa and Rory and their budding relationship? They've gone for a holiday to an old water mill in the Dordogne, and though they love it, they're not so keen to discover they're not the only residents. They're not the sort you can ask to leave, either; they've been there for over two hundred years.
Will Rory and Melissa pull together, or will they let the ghosts drive them apart? Check out the link : and discover for yourself!

Jen Black


Lindsay Townsend said...

Hi Jen! I agree about longing for summer at the moment, it's so drab and damp here!

I read your SHADOWS in a sitting and found it utterly gripping and very high-stakes and romantic. I loved the way you evoked France and the unusual setting itself. it made for a highly original story.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Yep I do long for summer heat - I have a horrible head cold and need the sun!!!!! And obviously your book!