Tuesday 5 February 2013

Review Celebrations by Lily Harlem + contest!

It's always completely thrilling when a reader takes the time to say they've enjoyed a book, and even more so if they go into detail about what really worked for them. Being an author can be a lonely job sometimes and feedback can be sporadic. So to all the readers who read, critique and are positive in their responses and willing to share the emotions a story evokes, I'm saying a big, soggy-kissed, thank you!!

The Glass Knot (Amazon US, Amazon UK) is a self-published novel of mine set in the Costwolds, UK. Not the first self-published book I've written, (Scored was my debut) and certainly not my first published novel - I have about 30 long and short stories with traditional publishing houses, including Ellora's Cave, Total-E-Bound and Harper Collins. But getting feedback on this book is extra special. Why? Because it's all ME. No editor saying 'this plot line is not going to work', or 'that would never happen', or 'you really need to make his character more...'   You get my drift. That's not to say I'm not eternally grateful for the hugely talented and very patient editors I have, it's just sometimes nice to fly alone and see what happens.

So in The Glass Knot, what I wanted to say, I said, every last word is exactly how I intended it to be after I wrote the words Chapter One.

This story is an erotic romance, about a gay, married couple, who allow a woman into their lives. I called it The Glass Knot, because the Knot signifies the men's commitment to each other, and how they let Laura see straight into that life of love and respect.

Here are a few reader reviews left on Amazon - all 5 star!

This is honestly one of the best books I've ever read and I have read well over a hundred erotic/erotica books. It was so well written. I truly cared for these characters and, for once, I could actually see this happening in the real world. It was sweet and touching while still having seriously hot love scenes.

Another excellent book by Lily Harlem. The characters felt very real to me. I wanted to see that they reached for their HEA. Some of the scenes were very intense especially the one where Nick and Josh are in the kitchen after Josh was with Laura. I loved that Laura could not pull herself away from that scene just as much as I couldn't stop reading it. Lily did a wonderful job with the M/M. M/F and M/M/F scenes. She got to the emotional heart of their story. Her books are always a pleasure to read. Can't wait for the next one.

Lily Harlem is a new author I've found and I couldn't wait for this latest title to be released. I've read previews and exerpts and first chapters and phew! This is one of the hottest books I've read this summer. The characters are brilliantly described, the storyline intriguing and the dirty bits? Well, they are everything you expect from Ms Harlem and more. The M/F and M/M combinations got my mind ticking and my <ahem> juices flowing! If you're looking for a smokin' read, this is it. I want this book on my kindle for ever!

As usual, Lily Harlem delivers with The Glass Knot. This book is superb. I love the emotions, and I always see everything so clearly. Sigh. It's beautiful.

This book is a must read! I loved this story from start to finish. Nick loved Josh so much he was willing to do anything to make him happy, enter the woman that had such a profound effect on him that he needed to see her again. Nick had his work cut out for him! All characters had a strong strength sense of themselves and this story surprised even me, because I read a lot of M/M/F books and after I read it, I wanted to read it again and again! Pick this book up, you won't be disappointed!

This is a very hot book. I love mmf menage this one is one of the best I have read. I know this is a book I will read again.

I really enjoyed this novel. It was like finding a little gem floating in a sea of boring. For one thing, I felt the author really took the time to explore her characters' feelings. And it didn't feel fake or contrived or ridiculous and over-the-top. She made them seem full of emotion, and not ridiculously emotional (if that makes sense). I believed these were real people. Also, I actually liked all three characters. A lot of times I feel like I prefer one character more, or even that I strongly dislike one of the characters (unfortunately, usually the heroine), but in this case I truly respected all three people. Plot-wise, this story focused mainly on the characters and their relationship. While I enjoy a good side story, it was nice to have the story revolve around these three people without the distraction of some minor going-ons on the side. And of course, I have to mention the steaminess. This novel has some graphic M/F, M/M, and M/M/F action, which I personally enjoyed, but which may not be for everyone. I'm glad this author is so skilled at both the emotional aspect and the erotic aspect of writing. Too many books out there have one but not the other. I will definitely be reading more work by this author. I hope those stories are as satisfying as this one.

To celebrate these wonderful reviews I'm giving away a copy of The Glass Knot. Just leave me a comment along with your email address and I will pick a winner at random at the weekend. Good luck and thanks for reading :-)


Melissa Keir said...

The book sounds wonderful. :) I'm glad you are spreading your wings! Enjoy! ps. The Review is amazing!

Lily Harlem said...

Thanks for your kind words, Melissa :-)

Rose Anderson said...

Great reader appreciation you have there Lily!

Barbara Elsborg said...

I can see why you picked this book to show us the reviews. There is a sense of real achievement when you've flown on your own!! Well done, Lily. It sounds a great story.

Lily Harlem said...

Thanks Barbara and Rose :-)

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Great feedback, Lily. I loved the one about full of emotion rather than ridiculously emotional. Congratulations on all the kudos!


Yvette said...

The book sound beautiful and I look forward to reading it. I have added it to my wish list.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Lily, it must be especially rewarding seeing how much people love your self-pubbed stories (I know I did Score ;-)