Tuesday 3 April 2012

My first co-author

HI, I am Lily Harlem, I live in the UK and predominantly set my erotic romance novels in Britain - London/Cardiff/The Cotswolds to name a few - and my most recent release That Filthy Book is no different.

It is also my first co-author and was enormous fun to write. It started off with a few pages Natalie (aka Emmy Ellis) had written about a married couple on a weekend away. She asked me to read it, unsure of what she was going to do with the story. Instantly I adored the characters Karen and Jacob, they just spoke to me.

Karen is desperate to re-discover who she was before children and domesticity and find what it was that made her feel alive and sexy. Jacob is just wonderful, his strength, both physical and emotional, literally seep from the page. (We would both happily admit we fell head over heels in love with him!!)

I asked Nat if I could write the next chapter. "Go for it," she said. And that was it, we were off. Writing a scene, passing it back and forth, letting Karen and Jacob go on the wild ride they begged us for. Nothing was too raunchy for them, too daring, and because they have such a wonderful, solid marriage, they could really explore the very deepest, darkest parts of their souls.

Writing with Natalie was an amazing experience, I learnt so much, was inspired by her parts of the story and then felt safe to let my imagination soar when it was my turn. Not only that she designed the cover for the book and captured the characters perfectly, not just their physical attributes but also their expressions - I couldn't stop staring at it when it first appeared in my in-box!

I hope readers enjoy Karen and Jacob's adventures as much as we enjoyed writing them. It is very erotic, it does push boundaries, but all within a loving, committed relationship. Here is a little more about the book.


Out of sight, out of mind. Or so I thought, but it turns out an old, dog-eared book with contents so filthy and so depraved that I’d been forced to hide it after reading, has sank deeper into my erotic subconscious than I’d ever imagined. Luckily though, Jacob is up for exploring the new side of me that has risen to the surface after all these years.

In a whirlwind of wanton adventures that push us to the limits of our sexuality, we begin to re-discover what it once was that had us screaming with pleasure and how to accept that nothing will ever be the same again between us.

Reader Advisory: This book contains bondage, BDSM and an element of dubious consent within a consensually acted out rape scenario. 

If you would like to read an excerpt (18+) then head over to my blog, you can also win a copy.

Have a great day.

Lily Harlem x
Winner of the 2009 LoveHoney Award for Erotic Fiction

Natalie Dae 


Lindsay Townsend said...

Fascinating account, Lily, about co-writing! I wish you and Natalie much success with it!

Sounds very spicey and hot!

Lily Harlem said...

Thanks Lindsay and as always its great to hang out at BRF :-)

Lily x

Barbara Elsborg said...

It's great that you found it so rewarding to write like this!! I don't know if I could do it.

Sandra Mackness said...

This sounds a real challenge with a worthwhile result. Hope book does well for you both

Sandra x