Thursday 15 October 2015

A VICTORIAN ROMANCE ~ The Craigsmuir Affair by Jen Black

A story set in 1893 when the Victorians were really into technology and women were thinking a career might be a possibility. Some homes had electric light  and a telephone - if you moved in the right circles! Others suffered headaches from gas light.  Daisy wants to study art, but finds it more difficult than she thought, especially after she meets Adam Grey, mine owner - and a man with a broken heart.
He kept his gaze on the hem of her blue silk gown as it slid across the worn carpet. She glanced over her shoulder, then halted in mid-step and laid a graceful hand on the newel post at the foot of the stairs. ‘You don’t suspect I stole the wretched picture, do you? Is that why I am not allowed to go alone to my chamber?’
She was clever, too. It had not taken long for her to make the connection. Adam’s momentum carried him two steps up the staircase before he looked down into her wide eyes and saw the flash of temper there.
‘Oh!’ Her fingers tightened on the post. ‘Once in my room I shall tamper with the evidence. Is that what you think? What a silly idea!’
He looked down from his vantage point. With every breath she took, her breasts rose against the deep blue silk of her gown. His body tightened in response, startling him. Was he mistaken, or did the faint thrum of lust hang in the air?
‘Damn it all,’ he said softly. ‘Can we just collect the wretched lists and be done with it?’

The CRAIGSMUIR AFFAIR, published 20th July 2015 on Amazon kindle.

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