Thursday 5 December 2013


My latest Regency romance, A Gift from the Stars, is now available.

A Gift from the Stars , Book 1 of The Regency Star Travelers, is a sweet, traditional Regency romance with science fiction elements, 71,000 words.

The Regency Star Travelers--Where the Regency and outer space meet with romance.


A gift from the stars can change your life.

Miss Elizabeth Ashby loves astronomy. She especially enjoys her once-in-a-lifetime chance to observe the Great Comet of 1811. However, her excitement vanishes the night an odd-looking meteor proves to be a sky craft which lands nearby. The man who emerges from the vehicle doesn’t see her, but as he reenters his craft to fly away, he drops a small red stone.

The stone from the stars glows and sends waves of warmth and something else through Elizabeth. Her incipient cold disappears, her illness-prone mother shakes off her maladies, and everyone else who comes near the stone, which Elizabeth wears as a pendant, feels in the pink of health.

Including Mr. Jonathan Markham, who also saw the strange meteor but was too far away to determine what the object was. Gored by a bull, Jon has been slow to mend until he meets the enchanting Elizabeth. Does his sudden speedy recovery emanate from his fascination with the desirable lady? Or something else?

A sweet, traditional Regency romance novel with science fiction elements. 71,000 words.


To Elizabeth’s right, an ivory moon beam sparkled off a small object. Bending over, she scooped up a polished oval crystal about the size of her thumbnail. A flash of warmth surged through her fingers. Gasping, she jerked back and dropped the stone.

Shivers rocked her entire body. As if this night hadn’t already ripped her view of the universe to shreds, now she found a stone that by all rights should be cold. She wrapped her arms around her waist and concentrated on calming her breaths.

When her shudders finally ceased, she again parted the wet heath to uncover the curious object. Prepared now, she poked the crystal with a tentative finger. Once more, heat rushed through her, but less intensely. The feeling was not unpleasant. With a relieved sigh, she picked up the stone, its warmth a soothing caress along her nerves.

The faceted crystal’s beveled edges gleamed silver in the moon’s rays. What would its color be in daylight? She pressed the stone to her ear. A faint whirring, like the sound the mysterious vessel made, filled her ear.

This crystal looked exactly like the one the man from the sky craft wore. Was it valuable? Would he realize its loss and come back? Should she take it with her or leave it here?

In the distance, a horse neighed. A lone rider emerged from the forest, travelling the Carsington road that ran along the meadow.

The man reined in.

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Thank you all,
Linda Banche