Saturday 27 October 2018

Sexy Scottish Historical - OUT NOW!

I'm so excited to release my hot and kinky clan chief, Trevor McTavish into the world! Grab your copy now and be seduced by his warrior charms and Scottish passion.

(Also on Kindle Unlimited)

Back cover Information

After Isla Dunoon is saved from a man's forceful, unwanted advances by Trevor McTavish, the leader of the Highland clans, she cannot help falling for her rescuer. But when she is caught with something she stole from Trevor in order to cast a spell she hoped would endear him to her, Isla quickly discovers that not only is the stern, handsome warrior already entranced by her, he will not hesitate to spank her bare bottom hard and thoroughly when her behavior makes it necessary.

Though Trevor soon takes Isla as his wife and claims her properly, it isn't long before her spell-casting attempts attract attention and put her life at great risk. He punishes her strictly and shamefully in an effort to tame her recklessness, but will his efforts prove to be in vain?

Want more? Don't miss the spin off novel OWNED BY THE HIGHLANDERS

(Also on Kindle Unlimited)

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