Saturday 12 December 2015

The Master has a dangerous secret...

Sometimes a risk is worth taking....and sometimes there's no other choice

BLURB: Circumstances force Melanie Grey to accept a post as housekeeper in remote Gavington House where horses are forbidden. Her curiosity is aroused by Lord Jarrow’s secret life and strange night-time activities and once she discovers what it is that occupies him, she must decide if she will lie for him, or condemn him.

‘Come in, come in.’ Lord Jarrow did not raise his head, but simply lifted one hand and beckoned her forward.
The walk across the stretch of carpet seemed to last for ever. She positioned herself at the right hand side of his desk and warily examined his profile. Thick dark hair curled over his collar, and the warm, umber tones of his skin surprised her. She had expected the pale, pasty skin of a man who spent his life indoors, grieving.
He went on writing.
In her former life, she would have swept into the room with a smile and a comment about the weather if nothing else seemed appropriate. In this situation, she must wait patiently for him to finish whatever he had been writing when her tap at the door interrupted him. She watched his hand move across the paper, saw him begin a new sentence and against all her good intentions, irritation rose in her breast. She may be applying for the post of housekeeper, but she deserved the usual courtesies.
Her toe began to tap on the carpet.
Melanie cleared her throat. ‘Sir?’
At the single word, his quill stopped moving. Slowly, his head lifted and swivelled in her direction, displaying a short, straight nose, firm jawline and a mouth of generous proportions. His gaze focused on the grey stuff of her gown and then rose to her face. ‘Miss Grey?’
Melanie inhaled sharply, caught her lower lip between her teeth and did not speak.

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