Sunday 6 May 2012

Book trailer

If you're having a quiet Sunday you may have time on your hands and be able to click on the link, and watch my book trailer for Reluctance

If you do, I'd love to hear comments. I'm never sure if these things  do more than amuse people for a couple of minutes, but I'm one of those people who actually likes making them! Maybe if I was leaving school now, I'd head towards the graphic art side of things and get myself some good tuition and my hands on really good software. We can all dream!

The music for the trailer is from Kevin MacLeod's site Incomptech. He has lots of fans, and the cover artist for the book was Nika Dixon. There are such talented people in the world.

Jen Black, Sunday, 6th May 2012


jean hart stewart said...

Love the cover and the trailer. I think Nika is great too. Much luck with your book..

Jen Black said...

Thanks, Jean. I hopeit does well, too!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Very nice, Jen. I only have one trailer that I won on a review site. I don't think I could make one but they do look fun!