Tuesday 16 August 2011

Review of 'Self's Blossom' by David Russell

Journalist Selene is a woman with a plan. Although her career is a success, she decides that something is missing in her life–romance– so she throws the full brunt of her intellect and determination behind filling the gap. After saving and planning every detail, Selene finally arrives in her Central American destination hoping for primal adventure and a little loving on the side. Sure, she meets Hudson and has an afternoon delight with an unnamed native, but Selene’s greatest impediment is the one she refuses to acknowledge. Her training as a journalist keeps her as observer and judge and prevents her from ever living in the moment. Will the danger she encounters be the impetus she needs to find her passion? Or will she compartmentalize the men in her life so that she can safely put them back in their boxes once she’s finished playing with them?

David Russell’s story is lush with description and replete with back story. His prose is strung like a strand of pearls, each shiny treasure perfectly chosen, making this story more literary than genre fiction. The narrative, told usually in omniscient POV, is almost surreal and blurs the space/time continuum. All together Self’s Blossom is for those who want a reading adventure off the beaten path and are pioneering enough to sink in Selene’s lugubrious world.

Linda Andrews

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