Saturday 4 December 2010

Explorations by David Russell


Newly divorced and looking for interesting new experiences, Janice takes an art class with live models and the star makes her want more than a coincidental meeting.Art model, Cedric, thinks he knows the lady from somewhere when he sees her again at the pool. Body language says a lot and chance meetings lead to a desire for more. Will Janice ask Cedric over for a private modeling job and will he accept? 


Could it have been her whom he had seen at the party, full-skirt, petticoat, doing that Spanish gypsy dance, her hips propelling an elevating swirl, to hint—as a foretaste, of what he had missed at the pool? Or was it she striding along the street that time in the white jumpsuit, which caressed her as he longed his body to? Like a dream she had flitted past. Now was the time to infuse a little wakefulness into that dream—but not too much. It must be at the pool they would meet again, be openly undressed and break warm water ice with bodies free. She’d see his progress, enjoy his physique in its new trim—arm, shoulder, calf and thigh muscles toned up to match her form. His black trunks would set off the other parts.
Trembling with anticipation, Cedric set off. He recalled the old adage about finding something once one had stopped consciously looking for it. His eyes drank in trees, sky, sunlight—enjoyed their immediacy…but gradually, that shape ahead grew clearer. So sunny nature was to be the setting and, like himself, did not have to stand alone. Energy suspended became energy decisive.

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